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 2018 Combining high-throughput micro-CT-RGB phenotyping and genome-wide association study to dissect the genetic architecture of tiller growth in rice 2018-12-04 
 2018 Genome-Wide Association Studies of Image Traits Reveal Genetic Architecture of Drought Resistance in Rice 2018-06-05 
 2018 Novel Digital Features Discriminate Between Drought Resistant and Drought Sensitive Rice Under Controlled and Field Conditions 2018-04-24 
 2017 Panicle-SEG A robust image segmentation method for rice panicles in the field based on deep learning and superpixel optimization 2017-12-01 
 2017 Accurate digitization of the chlorophyll distribution of individual rice leaves using hyperspectral imaging and an integrated image analysis pipelin 2017-07-26 
 2017 An integrated hyperspectral imaging and genome-wide association analysis platform provides spectral and genetic insights into the natural variation in rice 2017-07-01 
 2017 High-Throughput Phenotyping and QTL Mapping Reveals the Genetic Architecture of Maize Plant Growth 2017-03-10 
 2017 A high-throughput stereo-imaging system for quantifying rape leaf traits during the seedling stage 2017-01-01 
 2016 Rapid Identification of Rice Varieties by Grain Shape and Yield-Related Features Combined with Multi-class SVM 2016-12-06 
 2016 Accurate Inference of Rice Biomass Based on Support Vector Machine 2016-12-06 
 2016 A high-throughput maize kernel traits scorer based on line-scan imaging 2016-05-14 
 2016 High-throughput volumetric reconstruction for 3D wheat plant architecture studies 2016-05-11 
 2015 Determination of rice panicle numbers during heading by multi-angle imaging (TCJ) 2015-10-20 
 2015 High-Throughput Estimation of Yield for Individual Rice Plant Using Multi-angle RGB Imaging (CCTA2014) 2015-09-16 
 2015 Genome-wide association study of rice (Oryza sativa L.) leaf traits with a high-throughput leaf scorer (JXB) 2015-09-02 
 2015 A nondestructive method for estimating the total green leaf area of individual rice plants using multi-angle color images (JIOHS) 2015-04-08 
 2014 RiceVarMap - a comprehensive database of rice genomic variations 2014-10-22 
 2014 Combining high-throughput phenotyping and genome-wide association studies to reveal natural genetic variation in rice (NC) 2014-10-08 
 2013 Rice panicle length measuring system based on dual-camera imaging(CEIA) 2013-10-29 
 2013 A hyperspectral imaging system for an accurate prediction of the aboveground biomass of individual rice plants(RSI) 2013-09-12 
 2013 Development of a whole-feeding and automatic rice thresher for single plant(MCM) 2013-08-27 
 2013 plant phenomics and high-throughput phenotyping accelerating rice functional genomics using multidisciplinary technologies(COPB) 2013-06-02 
 2012 Development of an Automatic Control System for Pot-Grown Rice Inspection Based on Programmable Logic Controller (CCTA2011) 2012-11-10 
 2012 Acceleration of CT reconstruction for wheat tiller inspection based on adaptive minimum enclosing rectangle (CEIA) 2012-06-12 
 2011 Fast identification and counting of filled unfilled rice spikelets base on bi-modal imaging(CEIA) 2011-05-24 
 2011 High-throughput measurement of rice tillers using a conveyor equipped with x-ray computed tomography(RSI) 2011-03-23